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Recorded Traks and GPX files can be transferred between certain DSE Technology Apps as shown above. There are 3 basic ways that this can be done:

1. Via your favourite cloud storage app.
2. Via iTunes to your PC or laptop.
3. Direct transfer via Local area network (LAN).

By far the most efficient method is to use a cloud based storage app. Files can then be easily transferred between your PC and mobile devices without a physical connection. Check the documentation for you storage app to see how this is done.

Files can be copied off or to your iPhone or iPad using iTunes. Apple provide an article on how to do this here.

Files can be transferred between TrakPal Pro and TrakPal Lite running of devices on the same wireless LAN. Check the app's help files on how to do this.

File types supported are TrakPal logs (.dat) and GPS Exchange (.gpx) format.

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