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GPS Sharing

TrakPal Pro, TrakPal Lite and Sailing Master allow the sharing of your iPhone or iPad GPS data over wireless LAN or Bluetooth network. This enables you to use a device without an in built GPS as a repeater display.


Case 1:
You may have an iPhone 5 and wi-fi iPad. You run TrakPal Pro on the iPhone to record data. Using the GPS share and Bluetooth connection you could run Sailing Master on the iPad. You may also have an iPod Touch, then you could use this to run TrakPal Lite to make use of the 3-dial display this has.

Case 2:
You own a rally car and have an iPhone which is securely mounted for recording purposes. Your co-driver connects to this using their iPod touch and TrakPal to get speed data.

Please note that Bluetooth connections are quite limited in range and number of devices that can be connected.

TrakPal Lite requires communication pack in-app-purchase.

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