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Polar Editor

Polar Editor is designed as an extension to DSE Technology Sailing Master to provide an easy to use desktop tool for input, analysis and editing of Sail Polar data.

In sailing, polar diagrams are used to determine optimal boat speed relative to wind angle. This is particularly important when sailing into the wind, or tacking, where polar diagrams can be used to show maximum possible speed towards a point. Similarly, when sailing with the wind - jibing - the optimal boat speed may not be parallel to the wind direction.

Polar Editor provides simple tools to input polar data as text or from performance data downloaded from TrakPal log files or GPS data recordings as a GPX file.

Once the polar diagram is input, Polar Editor can then be used to analyse performance data post race to ensure the sailor is obtaining the best possible performance from their equipment.

Quick Start Reference.

Polar view


Linear view

Speed vs Angle

Speed vs Windspeed view

Speed vs Windspeed


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