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Quick Start Guide

There are 2 ways to create Polar Diagrams using Polar Editor, firsly from text data from the manufacturer or found online and secondly from perfromance trials data recorded using your iPhone, GPS or similar device.

Once data has been input it can be saved for future use or tranfered to Sailing Master on your iPhone or iPad.

Creating a Diagram

From the file menu select new! You are then presented with a blank New Item window:

new item

Enter your boat's name, measured windspeed and input angles and corresponding boat speeds lists. These are expected as comma seperated strings, for example 30,40,50... There must be an equal number of angles and corresponding boatspeeds. Values may be copied in as text strings as you would into a word processor.

If, however, you have log data you can fill these values in automatically by either using the mean or max buttons. The mean will calculate the values from the average boatspeed, max will be the peak boat in each heading relative to the wind.

Once you are happy, click okay and the new polar will be displayed. This can then be duplicated, renamed and deleted from the edit menu.

The Inter button interpolates values between windspeeds, for example if you have windspeed graphs for 6 and 9 knots but require values for 7 knots, enter 7 for windspeed, press Inter and the graph will be generated for the input angle values.

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