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Boat Edit Screen

Sailing Master allows you to compare your current performance against polar diagrams stored as .xml files. These can only be imported via iTunes (refer to iTunes to find out how to do this.) Boat performance can be derived empirically by simple trials by sailing at various angles towards the wind and logging the data. Recorded logs can be loaded and analysed to generate polar diagrams specific to you boat.

To create a polar diagram from scratch using recorded data logs, first enter a name for your boat, load the required log file. Rotate the log file round by dragging the 'N' arrow to offset for wind direction. You can then get an idea of performance by selecting to show either the Max or Mean lines. Once you are happy a polar line can be created to either the max or mean line. The created line used data mirrored across the centre line. The polar can then be saved for future use or edited by selecting it using the wind icon and dragging the points to the desired position. Press the tick icon to accept any edits.

Once you have created or loaded boat performance data you quit the edit window by pressing the cross icon top left of screen. You will be prompted with 3 options. Save to use the current data on the main screen, discard to cancel loaded or edited data and cancel to remain on the edit screen.

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