DSE Technology

Supported File Formats

GPS eXchange Format (.gpx)

Sailing Master supports GPS eXchange Format files for import and export of marker data. If imported data includes a track this will also be loaded and displayed.

See http://www.topografix.com/gpx.asp for more information.

TrakPal Data Log (.dat)

Sailing Master log files are stored as binary data files compatible with TrakPal Pro. Visit www.dsetechnology.co.uk for more information on this product.

Boat Data (.xml)

An example boat data .xml (example.xml) file is included in Sailing Master. This may be copied off your device via iTunes (see apple support pages) and edited on your PC using a text editor. Specific polar data for your boat may be available off the internet.

Boat data xml format is as follows:

Element: sailingmaster

Description: Root element.




Type: boatType

Description: Details of boat and boat performance.


name="xsd:string" [1]

tackangle="xsd:decimal" [1]

units="unitsType" [1]>



Type: performanceType

Description: Data on boat performance for given windspeed. Each angle requires a corresponding boat speed. Angles are in range 0 to 180 degrees and are reflected about the 0 degrees axis. Windspeed is in unitType.


windspeed="xsd:decimal" [1]>

<angles>anglesType</angles> [1]

<boatspeed>boatspeedType</boatspeed> [1]


Type: anglesType

Description: Angles in range 0 to 180 degrees. Each angle requires a corresponding boatspeed.


xsd:decimal [0..*]


Type: boatspeedType

Description: boatspeed in unitsType. The number of boatspeed decimals must be equal to the number of angles.


xsd:decimal [0..*]


Type: unitsType

Description: Units used for file speed data. Valid values are mph (miles per hour), m/s (metres per second), knots (nautical miles per hour) or kph (kilometres per hour).

Base xsd type: string

Value: {"mph"|"m/s"|"knots"|"kph"}