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Main User Interface (UI)

Sailing Master's main user interface consists of a central boat polar performance display surrounded by a red/green compass bezel. Arround the peripherals of the screen are displays for Speed, Velocity Made Good (VMG), Magnetic Heading, GPS Course, Local Time, Navigation, a countdown and Timer.

Polar Performance

The Polar Performance display provides a graphical view of current boat performance against an optimal. Sailing Master allows you to produce polar diagrams tailored for your boat through appropriate trials. Alternatively, you can find the relevant data and upload it into Sailing Master via iTunes. Comparison of trials or race logs against uploaded data can give an indication of where performance is being lost.

To use the polar display select the data for your boat from the boat edit screen (i - boat edit screen). Select the current wind speed by tapping the windsock button. Rotate the polar to the current true wind direction by dragging the green arrow. We recommend using your local weather service to find out the current wind speed and direction.

Tack angle lines are displayed to port (red) and starboard (green). Tack angles are set in the boat performance data and screen.

A heading tail is shown to help in judging movement off you current course.


Markers can be dropped on the current location using the buoy button or by entering marker mode by tapping the marker button . Once in marker mode the polar display is removed.

When in marker mode tap the screen to add a marker.

Tapping a marker at any time gives you the options to set as destination, set VMG heading to the marker or remove. When set as destination, navigation data is shown on the right of the display.


GPS speed is shown top left of the display. Tapping the speed display will bring up GPS data for speed, course, latitude, longitude and GPS accuracy. Units can be changed from the options menu (i - options).

The speed display will show green or red if current speed is increasing or dropping respectively.

Velocity Made Good (VMG)

Velocity made good can be set against a heading or from a marker. Tap VMG display to switch on then drag the red outline arrow to the desired heading.

To set the VMG heading from a marker tap on the required marker and select Set VMG. The VMG heading will then be set to the current heading to that marker.

Heading and Course

Mag heading is from the built in magnetometers, course is from the GPS sensors. Course will be the direction you are heading, whereas mag heading will be direction your device is pointing. Rotating your device through a figure of 8 may correct the magnetic heading.

Countdown and Timer

Bottom right of the display are the Countdown and Timer.

Countdown may be set to either a specific start time or a duration countdown. In start mode tapping countdown will start a 5 minute timer.

Tap Timer to reset. Timer is reset on the 5 minute start countdown reaching zero.

Log Reset

Press the reset button to clear the current log data. If data logging is enabled a blue folder will be shown in this button. Logs will be saved before resetting.

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