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Quick Start

In a race situation adopt the following procedure.

Tap i button and tap Race Mode. Sailing Master will enter Start Mode and is indicated on the main UI by a green coundown bar.

In start mode you can drop markers for each end of the start line. Either use the bouy button or marker mode . Create a start line by tapping markers to select Port (red) and Starboard (green) markers.

On the 5 minute gun tap countdown and the large 5 minute start will be displayed with a countdown timer and distance to line. There is a cancel button at the top left of the display which will cancel start mode.

Once the countown reaches zero Sailing Master will enter race mode.

Key features Sailing Master provides to ensure you are getting the most out of your boat during a race:

Speed indicator line providing real time graphical indication of boat performance against optimum polar diagram. Tap the green arrow to rotate the polar to the currunt true wind angle. Tap to select wind speed.

Sailing Master provides an example polar file. You will want to find data for your own boat and rig.

Tail line and colour coding on Speed provide key tools for judging lift and headers.

Post race you can analyse your performance by reviewing data logs against polar line in the boat edit screen or by exporting logs to TrakPal Pro.

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