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Analysis Screen

The Analysis Screen allows you to examine your recorded Trak data. TrakPal can store up to 5 hours of data. The top of the display shows the complete Trak run overlaying a map, the lower shows graphs. A summary pane may be overlaid with details of the current and comparison Traks.

The location of the displayed graph is reflected on the Trak display as a overlaid blue line. Press the zoom button  to toggle a close in display.

Press the marker button to create a new marker based on your analysis.

Swipe left or right to move the graph and pinch to zoom in or out the time scale. Pressing the button allows you to move the current Trak relative to the comparison.

Timing and speed values are displayed on the graph according the the Analysis Values for speed change (e.g. 0 to 60 timing or standing 1/4 mile).

From the i menu you may load the prime and comparison Traks, select which graphs are displayed, map settings and analysis values or return to the main screens.

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