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Speed Alarms

Six speed alarms can be entered. When set the a speed alarm symbol will be shown on the speedometer display. Pressing this will select the corresponding alarm. For example, if you set an alarm for 30 the symbol will be displayed on the speedometer at 30. Pressing it sets the alarm to 30. The selected alarm is shown in the middle of the speedometer display. Pressing the selected alarm symbol in the middle of the speedometer will select the next highest alarm to your current speed.


Two types of acceleration alarms can be set, one for G-Limit and one for Tilt. The G-Limit will be sounded when the lateral acceleration exceeds the entered value. Values are entered in 0.1G values (for a value of 1G enter 10).

In low acceleration environments (for example sailing) a tilt alarm can be set. The alarm will sound when the iPhone detects a tilt higher than the entered value.

WARNING! It is a limitation of the accelerometer system used in the iPhone that means it is impossible to tell the difference between acceleration and Tilt. It is therefore important to select the alarm appropriate for your use.

Master Switch

The alarms can be switched on and off using the slider switch. When switching on you will be prompted for an alarm sound.

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