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TrakPal Pro provides advanced tools based on your iPhone or iPad's inbuilt sensors. While TrakPal is a sophisticated piece of software, getting started couldn't be simpler.

Car Use

1 - Mount your iPhone appropriately in your vehicle.

2 - Press GO to start.

Pedometer Use

1 - Switch pedometer on in the Settings.

2 - Press GO to start.

That is it.


There are some simple things that can help improve TrakPal's performance.

Ensure your iPhone is placed in a good quality vibration free mount - this will help improve accuracy of acceleration measurements. If you're not interested in acceleration then there's no reason you can't hold the iPhone in your hand. DO NOT DO THIS WHILE DRIVING!

When using the pedometer you can place you iPhone almost anywhere - your pocket or hold in your hand - although it has been found that the best mounting place is the upper arm or torso. Experiment with positioning and sensitivity to get the best results.

Ensure your iPhone has a good view of the sky to help pick up the GPS satellites. Examine the Location pane to find out positional accuracy and update rates.

You may also want to spend some time calibrating the accelerometers from the system screen. There can be as much as a 10% error in the readings from the accelerometers.

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