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Trak Manager

TrakPal Pro allows Traks to be saved for your runs and reloaded to compare your present run against previous.

Goto Markers

Goto Markers are a set of points that may be selected from the right hand drop down menu on the main screen. When selected a Marker can be edited using the buttons on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. The tick mark selects the Marker for display on the main screen menu, the up and down arrows allows Markers to be ordered and the action symbol opened the Marker for edit. The add button adds a new Marker. Press Edit at the top to delete Markers.

Editing and adding Markers opens a map page where the Marker's position and name can be set.

Trak Load

Load Comparison Trak allows previously saved Trak Data to be loaded for comparison live on the Main Screens.

Comparison files can be deleted by pressing the Edit button on the load comparison page.

Trak Save

Set name of Trak to save to.

Share Trak

Share you Traks over a local wireless networks with friends to hold virtual races with them using the comparison feature. To receive a file press the receive button then get your friend to send their file by selecting the file from the list and then tapping the matching receiver from the list.

Since TrakPal V3.4.0 traks can also be exchanged via iTunes.

GPS Share Data

GPS Share allows you to transmit live GPS data between devices via a LAN or Bluetooth. To use an ad-hoc Bluetooth network you must enable Bluetooth from your device's settings. One device, for example an iPhone, is designated the GPS host then other devices can be connected to it. This enables you to show position data on devices that do not include a GPS, like the iPod Touch. Map data cannont be shared this way.


Analyse save Traks. See Analysis Screen help .

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